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January 23, 2006


Tadd Grandstaff

NBA tv is doing a instanct classic...they are re-showing the game on wed, thurs, and friday..you can go on ebay and buy a dvd of the game if you are interested...my thoughts on the game are absolutely increbidle...not matter if you hate him or not you have to admit that was awesome....anyways I didn't get to see the game either but my brother tivoed it and it sending me a copy...

Dave Ferguson

Tadd, Thanks! I'm not a subscriber to NBA.tv but I'll check out ebay and see if I can get a dvd. Good lead.

eric bramlett

I didn't know it was happening because I was watching the Suns lose to the Sonics in double overtime. I'm no expert, but 81 points seems like a lot.


Google video will have it for sale soon.

Dave Ferguson

Thanks. Ok, someone told me it is illegal for me to purchase this from ebay...and I would assume google too? Ugh.


Google charges $4. It's totally legal and legit. Go to http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=481223013166933332

Good luck!

Dave Ferguson

Chris, you are the man!! See, this is why I blog! Thanks!

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