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December 18, 2005



Thank you for sharing these priceless nuggets. What an opportunity to glean from someone like MJ!

Dave Ferguson

Not everyone is as big a fan of MJ as me - http://dumbjock.blogspot.com/ I think MJ's lessons are still good...but maybe he should of applied them when he was the General Manager of the Washington Wizards.


Yeah, I wonder what the deal was with the Wizards. I must say that even his possible quagmire with the Wizards; hopefully he gleaned leadership lessons from his management wins and woe's.

I wonder if his decision to come back and play basketball again for the Wizard's was his way of modeling what he was looking for in the team. Maybe that was a lesson for the team? Then again, maybe not…

Carter M.

Thanks for sharing--very cool stuff. I had a conversation with the same "CCC staff spouse" that same night, and left it feeling like I wanted to read through this book with my entire team in early 2006. Now I'm even more convinced!
I wonder how many Christian leaders today are open to learning from people who are "not officially Christians" like this? Probably not enough.
BTW, here's my favorite quote from our friend who works with MJ. One day I asked: "Isn't it amazing that that you have MJ's cell phone # stored in your phone?" And he smiled and answered: "What's more amazing is, he has mine # stored in his."

Dave Ferguson

That is pretty impressive. He also told me has been with MJ when Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong were there. I wish I wasn't so impressed.

Paul Warner

I am a huge Michael fan as well and these "nuggets" on leadership are great. However, I would just remind folks that a "leader" works to apply these nuggets to all aspects of their life... I think Michael sometimes left his leadership skills on the court or in the locker room... unfortunately I don't feel they always traveled with him where ever he was. The Wizard's experience...was that a true picture of Michael's leadership skills without the influence of Phil...Phil being the leader getting the most out of his star???
Anyway point was to be that Michael is argueably the greatest basketball player of all time and one of the great leaders on the court...I'd just like to see my leaders be more consistent in their leadership...that brings credibility in their words and actions.

Josh Sargent

Great post! Linking it up!

Travis Lawrence

well well well.pretty interesting points. i've been a michael jordan fan from the time i left my mother's womb i love m.j. read alot of books about him and wish he'd never stop play basketball. i'm from dominca 6 foot 6 inches at 17 yrs and i've been playing basketball from age 7 jordan inspired me alot and now he still is thanks to you i really would like it if i could talk to him one day to tell him how much i miss seeing him fly and that maybe someday i could fly too

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