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January 08, 2006


Mike Willingham

WOW! The timing of this post is perfect! I just returned from one of the most intense and emotional weekends of my life - but it was awesome. I was at The Road Adventure (www.theroadadventure.org) here in Dallas. I learned a great deal about myself: why I do what I do, why I think the way I think, and was given the tools to unload the baggage I have been carrying around for years.

Ephesians 2:10 is one of my favorite verses and I was thinking about it today, asking myself: "How does God want to use all of the events in my life and bring glory to Him?" I pray each day that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, making myself available to Him, to have a positive impact for Him.

Thanks for the post - it's been a great encouragement to me.

Dave Ferguson

Eph. 2:10 has been an important verse in my life for several years. Thanks Mike.

Gary Brower

Maybe I will give that one a read. The Leadership book I just started is called "They Smell Like Sheep" by Dr. Lynn Anderson. We're using this in our Leadership Small Group. I think it's very good.

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