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January 03, 2006



nice piece... there is nothing more attractive and inspiring than a "can-do" person, is there?

Dave Ferguson

nope. and that attraction and inspiration keeps good people and good ideas close to you.


Thanks for the reminder on the power of "Yes And." It jogged my memory of other "Rules of Improv-Comedy" over on my site. Keep it up!

Dave Ferguson

Jonathan - love your site! One of the guys on our lead team (Eric Bramlett) came out of the theatre and loves improv. I wonder if I got this from him?

Jeff Pessina

I agree... particularly with the underlying idea of what I would call a "Yes'full disposition." But I'm curious how this plugs into letting our "yes be yes," and our "no be no?" We've all heard that to say yes you better mean it and stick with it, and not change your mind later. What'ya think?

Dave Ferguson

Jeff, I think when we lead with a "yes" or have a "yes-full" disposition we are actually being more honest than when we react with a "no". Because we often react wiht a "no" because we are not ready to take action or implement an idea. We are not really wanting to say "no", but since we are not ready to implement or we don't fully understand we just say "no". But if we can develop a "yes" reflex (which really means -"yes, I want to explore that possibility" and not "yes, I will moved to implement that right now") that will allow us to do a better job of saying "no" and really sticking with it.

Jeff Pessina

That's good Dave. I knew you wouldn't come back with the obvious error... (Say yes and then don't do it!!) :-) And I agree, it's better to lead from a "can do" yes-full environment than a "can't do" no-full one. The spiritual toll and kingdom loss of a leadership disposition that tends to be more no than yes, I think, is very high.

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