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February 20, 2006



The other thing you do really well, Dave, is what Andy Stanley talks about in his book "The Next Generation Leader"---"only doing what only you can do." Highly effective leaders know that they don't have to have their hands in everything, so they empower leaders and teams to do those things that don't have to be done by "the big guy." The whole model and culture of CCC is to develop and nurture others. I have a long way to go, but I find that the best use of my time is developing people to do as much of my job as possible, so that I can spend my time preparing for the "next step" in my ministry. Thanks for setting that example, Dave!

Tammy Melchien

Just for the sake of pushing back a little... :) I have found that #2 has gotten easier as I've "moved up" in leadership. Now most of the people that report to me are staff so it's much easier to protect evenings and schedule meetings during the day. But when I was a Kids' City Campus Director it was hard to protect evenings because most of the people who I needed to connect with were moms who couldn't do early morning meetings. Sometimes we'd meet during the day at their homes with their kids around but if we wanted a distraction-free meeting that wasn't a good choice. I just think #2 can be more challenging for those who work primarily with volunteer leaders than for those of us who work primarily with ministry staff.

Jackaway (the intern)

thank you, thank you, thank you!! that was very helpful. i actually read through it twice. dave, this is the stuff you need to write a book on. i know at Bible college it seems like i took a class on everything except for how to not think you can do everything. im serious. its one of the most important topics that just gets passed over. thanks again for the insight.

Cliff Parrish

You are definitely the walking talking mascot for time management. A true leader is one that can not only lead and manage their time in the work place, but openly lead and manage their time at home.

I don’t think I ever told you this, but when I started RemoteLink 10 years ago you were the model when it came to managing my time. From the first day I started my company, I knew that it could consume my life to gain success. Your model showed me that it didn’t need to be that way. Your model made me ask the question, why would God have me sacrifice my family for my business. Your model proves that success comes from a life that balances all the details that God has in store for a person, rather then just the ones that scream out at you. Once I scheduled non-negotiable time in my calendar, I found that I always had time for the things that really mattered.

Thanks for being obvious in your walk, its contagious!


You know, that all sounds really good coming from the pastor of a large church who has the privilege of actually planning his own schedule. Most people in your church don't have that luxury.

Try keeping that schedule being a bivocational pastor with a second shift, full-time job, and a wife who works full-time, plus a church to take care of.

Try that on for size and then talk to me about not letting life do you. What a load of crap.

Dave Ferguson

Art, thanks for the candid feedback. It is kind of refreshing. It sounds like you are going through a tough season. I may not be able to do what I described in this post in your situation.

And you may not know my story. I didn't step into this role as a large church pastor. Myself, my brother and few friends from college started CCC from scratch. I would say all five of those points were true when we were only a church of five people with me making $20k/year and my wife working.

Thanks for the push back.

Jeff Pessina

Art... you sound pretty stressed. "Been there" (plenty). But it more often invovles our own choices than we like to admit. Such a high level of anxiety in ministry can only be sustained for so long. Sooner or later you may have to implement some of that "crap" Dave speaks of?

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