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May 03, 2006


Randy Furco


Just surfin christian blogs. God Bless and keep digging deeper.

When you get a moment check out my blog. I think you may like it.

Sean Michael Murphy

I love this list. It seems like we focus a lot on #8 and virtually ignore #'s 5 and 10. I'd also say that there's a lack of some sense of accomplishment. Train them to succeed and then point to that success.

John Teeling

Hello Dave,

I don't know if you remember me. I am the Irish guy who attended your church back in '95, '96. I worked with Dave Richa with the High Schoolers. Since then I moved to Charlotte, NC. I was on staff at Mecklenburg Community Church as Small Groups Pastor. I am now at Church at Charlotte as Connecting Pastor (Assimilation).

It's great to see what God has done/doing through you. Blessings upon you, brother.


Dave Ferguson


Wow - a blast from the past! Good to hear from you. If you are looking to catch up with Richa - http://www.newthing.org/jacobsWell



I am a Middle school girls sunday teacher at my church. I read your comments and went to the other link posted and it really hit a nerve. I agree totally with these statements and will spread them to our church community. I have felt most of these things in the past and could never really pinpoint my thoughts on why I was feeling like I should not be teaching. I am glad you had this posted. Thanks so much.


Dave Ferguson

Carolee, I'm glad this was a benefit to you. This is something as a leader that you should use to keep your people motivated. Don't use it against your leadership...you might demotivate them (see #6). Keep up the good work! Without leaders like you the church of Jesus does not accomplish His mission!

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