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June 24, 2006


Sherry Gossman

Hi Dave! I put some Rwanda photos that Casey took on the CCC News page (http://www.communitychristian.org/dailyed/news.html) - since your blog a few days ago talked about seeing the CCC t-shirts around town, thought you would like to know they are in Rwanda too! Miss you guys! :) Sherry


Dave, I think it's awesomse you are going to Rwanda, and I think it's great that Amy is going with you. It will totally change her life! Right now Kacie and I are praying about joining a team that will head to Japan in a couple of years to plant churches, ever think about Japan??? I will be praying for your trip, excited to hear how it goes.

Pat Adams


I hope your trip is a blessing to you and your daughter and those you meet on the journey. Rwanda is a place Alex and I hope to see on a mission trip someday. It holds a special place in our hearts as we support a child through Compassion in Rwanda. We chose him specially because of where he lived. Can't wait to hear of your journey! Take care of each other and we'll be praying for you.

Ben Pahlow

Can't wait to see you here. July 2nd you will be sitting on a mountain in Rwanda listetning to beautiful Rwandan worship music, and your bro Tim Sutherland will be preachin the Gospel! WOO HOO! I can't wait to see you and Amy.

I too am very proud of you following the H.S. leading and investigating the utter most parts of the earth.

I just added your and Amy's blogs to Melody's blog list on her blog, Have you had a chance to check out my blog...Its brand new! Tons of Photos of what you will see here in Rwanda! You are loved,


You didn't say that last night! Just joking, you really did, and THANK YOU! Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you, the team, GFR, and the people of Rwanda! Can't wait to see what God has in store!

dan ohlerking

a bunch of my family is in africa with children's cup working with AIDS orphans there. recently they were called on by joyce meyer ministries and hillsong to coordinate the setup and groundwork for the "Hope Rwanda: 100 Days of Hope" event going on this summer. Dad told me that the country is very ripe for the harvest. Considering their war-ravaged history, that's a really refreshing report.

i'd love to know more about your trip (i'm sure i'll be able to read about it here) and whether you're planning on touching base with the hillsong bunch while you're there. if i might be so forward as to list a couple pertinent websites...


p.s. - i think it is massively cool that you get to take your daughter with you. that's gonna be awesome for y'all.

Kathi Angelus

Hi Dave, Had to laugh at the frog article. I also had a frog loose in my house, for several days. I finally prayed that God would bring it the open so we could find him. And the same day he was found in the laundy room.(we also had a snake loose in the house,yikes!!)


awesome site!
i think it is so cool the quality time and experiences you have and will encounter with your daughter.
great job.

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