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July 29, 2006


John Jackson


One of the finest leadership "snapshots" I've seen in a long time...thanks for your continued leadership! CVC will be doing multi-site in the coming year...and CCC is on our constant radar screen...we'll be visiting you soon!

You are a Pastorpreneur....

Glen Wagner

Hi Dave,
I appreciate your wanting to shift the description from "managing" the conversation to "leading"...one seems much more manipulative.
Does that mean that leaders never tell the truth in public if it is negative?
I agree with your spirit here but can't quite get in complete synch. There are too many instances in my church, business and organizational experience where a positive spin was / is put on everything...to the detriment of the organization and its mission.

I have a client who is a CEO of a growing company (400 employees) - but there are also some negative factors that everyone knows about but he won't aknowledge them publically because he wants to "keep the conversation positive". People have lost trust in him as a result.

Is it ever appropriate to discuss things in public (assuming the right tone, context approach)? Is it just churches that should put a positive spin on things? What about political leaders?

The scriptures also seem to offer a different opinion. There are countless expamples of spiritual leaders using decidedly "negative" approach in their public conversations.

Help me understand your thinking here my brother?


Jeff Pessina

I know no one asked me, but it seems Dave is referring more to the leader(s) as being, thinking, seeing, and speaking positively about things that otherwise could "realistically" and even truly be thought of, seen, and spoken of negatively. There's little doubt in my mind that this is a very valuable, and scriptural gift for those who want to lead a strong and lively group.

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