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July 07, 2006



Hey Dave,

It has been an amazing experience reading everyone's blog. Your blog contained that intense statement that Mother Theresa had said. A very powerful statement and this truth hurts.

But know this, even though Faustin may know Christ and be content in his life, you and your family have given him and his family a new future. God Bless you all for that!

I am glad you had experiences that you and Amy will never forget. I am sad that most of these blogs will end soon, as I still feel like I never left Rwanda when reading them all.

John Blumberg

Dave ...

Glad to see you sporting your Naperville logo wear again (I think!). Have totally enjoyed and been inspired by reading your blogs. Today was one of my favorite. It makes you wonder who is really poor and weak ... and who is strong and has the depth to carry on.

Travel safely and hang-on to that luggage on the way back! See you soon.



so true


This was a great journal entry. I appreciated your interesting take on contentment and I think you are onto something! We miss you here already... glad you could join us in Rwanda and we look forward to seeing you again soon in the States!


Anne King

Amen Dave.


Aweome quote from Moter Theresa.
Keep making an impact for the kingdom.

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