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July 04, 2006



dave, wow! seeing that memorial site alone was worth the trip, and it appears to have motivated you, which will in turn affect everything you are involved in; from church to family life. i think God is gracious in giving us moments like these to make our vision more clear and our commitment to him and his ways even stronger. God bless.

Kristine Holzwarth

Thank you, Thank you for every step you and the group take to help the world understand the pain that Rwanda has seen, lived and continutes to try to over come. I can only imagine what God is feeling as he looks upon the love from one of his children to to so many. If I have lerned one thing from this this Genocide it is: you can not change the past, but you become a part of the future. As my children and I follow this mission of CCC, I am so please to know that you and the others "Stepped out of the Box" (if you will) to do want few in this world have offered. As I have said before, these are the role models that I want my children to look up to. A journey starts out as a "How come" it has happened, then moves to "What if" we unit in making a difference" and ends with "I will" make a difference for the love and glory of God. Dave, I would say that you have made it to the "I will" part of your journey with this country and this is a wonderful place for your mind, soul and spirt to be. This is the work of a true leader that many have and will continute to follow. I pray for you and the group daily. Be safe, healthy and happy knowing that you are doing the work of the trinity.


It makes all my problems and things going on seem trivial in large and rather ashamed of the small things I worry about, God bless you on your trip and keep you safe. Remember what you see, and don't think back of what wasn't done, but look forward to what you can do now and in the future to help heal the wounds of the past and bring people back to God.

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