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July 13, 2006


eric bramlett

In all fairness, Jon Ferguson was the one who was surfing. But since he doesn't have a blog to link to, I understand why you claimed it was me...

Scott Jones

I hear there is a picture of CMoss in this book, so consider a copy sold.

Ben Pahlow

Hey! I am a fan of all three authors! How can I get a copy here in Rwanda???
Sweet! Jon, come on, even I have a blog!
Dave, will there be a photo of you and me dancing on the mountain top in Gitumba, Rwanda?

Dave Davis

Dave -- I am not sure what it means when your book gets discounted even befor it comes out! Hilarious. Welcome Home! Sounds like the trip was a great one. We just got back from Chicago and it really is a GREAT town.


luke chase

dave, i clicked on the book site to see about ordering it and it said it's not going to be available until january of 2007. is that right? just wondering, i want a copy whenever it comes out, so when you have time let me know the details about the release date and when it's available to purchase. thanks, luke chase

James Pepper

How do you put a book online in the first place? I have been making by hand an illuminated manuscript of the Bible KJV for the past 18 years, and I was thinking of selling it on CD so that I could continue with the work. I could sure use some advice. James G. Pepper you can google me at "The Pepper Bible"



Mike 18

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