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August 12, 2006



WOW! I never realized how much passion this man has. It really touches me. Many times in my life I have felt like Bono “I never had a problem with Christ…it was Christians that gave me problems…they seemed completely disinterested culturally and politically…they seemed very strange to me.”
I feel so much that right now we are in the middle of changing. God is pulling his Church to be more of His will. Just so excited that I became part of it this year. What Bono said is truth straight from the Bible. I think if more Christians read the Bible, they too will see the truth. Now comes the hard part... action.
I am just so moved and overwhelmed. I would love to see the video. I myself am NOT a U2 fan. I am so happy to see a celebrity use his currency.

Pat A

While I enjoyed the entire summit, the Bono interview was tops in my book. For a celebrity, he is so "normal." Listening to him, you could not help but feel the Spirit moving throughout the room and in each person urging us to take action. So now the question becomes - how will we at CCC (or other local church) heed that call? Will we do what Jesus commands and join the fight to help those afflicted with AIDS and the fight to end poverty in the world? I was with a friend (Barb) and we've decided we must do something. At our first opportunity we plan to contact our Community 4:12 group and see what we can do to begin this process. It is so important to start now and not wait. My question is simple - who else will join us?

John Smulo

Dave, thanks for the great quotes. I really wanted to be at the conference and wasn't able to, so I appreciate the opportunity to read what Bono said. He really gets it, and does a great job of putting what he knows into action.

Andy Rowell

Thanks for the report. I have been reading a number of blogs on Willow's Leadership Summit. Maybe some of your readers want to check them out as well. See below:


Ben Pahlow

Hi Dave, long time no see. I wish I could have attended the Leadership conference at CCC. I guess it is one of the sacrifices made this summer. I really appreciate the quotes, many are dear to my heart. My favorite one was "This generation could end stupid poverty...we really can fix that in our generation." I beleive that CCC could play a large part of this fix.


My thoughts exactly.
Keep up the good blogging.
"All my music is free."

Bryan Riley

Yes, keep up the great blogging. First time here...found you through Marty Duren's post.

Rick Martinez

Bono uses the "F" word too much but he is a good guy I guess.


Thanks for posting this interview. I can't get Bono's comment--"Duality is the mark of really great art and it's what is missing in Christian art. It's missing the tension that is missing...the attempt to wrestle truth to the ground is often absent."--out of my head. I have felt this for so long, and it was like an epiphany to read Bono's words. The tension is what makes art authentic. That's something often missing from simplistic, moralistic Christian art.


I Love you girls



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He convinced me of the importance of the Church as a moral force and infrastructure to solve practical problems in the world.


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