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September 15, 2006


dan ohlerking

i'm so glad to hear outreach is interviewing you for this. i'm so impressed with the stuff they're putting out lately. i'm convinced their hearts are right and they want to do all they can to advance the Kingdom. the issue you've got pictured on this post is a great example. they're hitting the topic of AIDS - not a hugely popular "outreach" topic, but because they believe it should be, they're doing the story.

I'm looking forward to reading the whole interview they did with you. great stuff here, dave. and like i said, i'm glad they're on to you.

Ken Witcher

Great thoughts on simplifying the concepts of developing a church that will reach the unchurched. I have said it so many times: "you will never reach 100% of those you never never present the message to. We have to get them in the door and then help them to experience God while they are here.

My wife and I will be leading a team to plant a church in Paris. Why in the world would your average French "Joe" (or Francios) want to check us out? How can we demonstrate as a church that we add value to our community in a city of 13 million people? We have a few ideas, but we know that if we can't get this one right our message we won't make a very big dent in the 13 mil.


I love it, Dave! I can't help but think that God would be pretty happy to see reproducing church networks that are developing communities and transforming the world. Where do I sign up?

Nick Plassman

Its been interesting to see how God has even been challenging me in this area. I find myself calling forefront, 2:42 and other newthing churches "Our Church". Someone asked me recently "Why do you feel like you have to "claim" everything?" It was a great question for me to wrestle with.

I answered in a long email, but your thoughts on this just make me more excited to say "our church". I know this is a kingdom issue, but I love your attitude towards branding. My fear has always been that some day we may give into marketing as a primary source of impacting people. Its nice to see that through impacting people we will be marketing.

I'm in, just keep pointing the way and I'll be right behind you!

Thanks Dave,


Q :"What do you see in the future of the multi-site movement?"
A: Hopefully many finding their way back to God, but also a growing need for staff and helpers to fit the rapid grownth that will come from it. Paradoxal as it seems the more we grow and people join and are attracted from the excitement of God working through the church the more we will to train leaders to help tend to the flock. We will struggle to keep up with this sudden grownth of the kingdom, but we will be glad because many will experience this miracle.

What would it take for a church to develop a brand so compelling that it's attractive to the unchurched?"
A: Visible love and care for the well being of both members of the church and the community that surrounds it. Many people are turned off from "Religon" because many of them experience "Fire and Brimstone" and modern forms of legalism rather than the love of God itself. By being part of the community and making people part of the family of God through messages, outreaches, and community improvement projects we can reach to many who will see the love of Jesus and our concern and care for people and not just empty words and isolation.

(It isn't quite edited the way I would prefer but off the cuff that is my attempt to try to answer the questions)

Heath Hiatt

Great questions and even better answers. Love your blog and just want to encourage you that you are making a greater impact than you might know.

There are a lot of hurting people out there and it is evident how much you want to reach them :) Keep it up bro!

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