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September 23, 2006


Jeff Pessina

Great Stuff Dave! Right on the right on!

Good leadership is always exponential. But many leaders fail in either seeing the value of letting go, or in the ability to actually do it. Control is a huge dilemma hindering reproduction of leaders and churches worldwide.

Leadership is influence. Jesus influenced 12 simple men and set the world on fire through them. Though he "commanded them", He did not really control them; in due and proper time "he gave them authority" and "sent them out" (Mk 6:7). The incredible world-shaking impact of their lives and deaths speak of his influence, not his control.

May God help us all to do the two-timothy-two-two a bit better, and follow the example of Jesus. If we do, we just might get the job done!


It sounds a good deal like another grafting parable. Sometimes you have to cut a little off here to replant it over there so the whole vineyard grows.

as much as it makes sense it is hard to do that because you do care about people so much and you don't like sending them away so much. A vine is not as easy to get attached to. Still in the long run it does bear more fruit if you do it.

Dave Ferguson

Jeff, thanks for your comments. You and I are definitely like-minded. You should start your own blog...I'd like to read it.

Carter M.

Question for you Dave: Which of those 3 things is the currently the most challenging for you to live out?
Maybe that could be a another blog post. Or you can just answer it here. Or delete me. :)

Dave Ferguson

Carter, I think #3 - "...to care for the Kingdom more than your tribe" is the most challenging for me. By doing #1 and #2 you accomplish #3. And I get enough kudos from people and other groups for doing #1 and #2 that it makes it easier for me to do #3. So, I wonder if I would be as excited about doing #3 if nobody knew. ?? Dave

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