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October 17, 2006


Shelley Shannon

Either one of two things:
1. This is the only time these guys get a chance to make personal calls.
2. The world doesn't care anymore if you flush mid-sentence.

I hope they at least were using hands-free headsets.


Good thing I didn't invest in the public phone throne... Talk about disconnect!


These guys talk on their phones way to much. They can't even take a break from the phone to drop kids of at the pool. Their lives are to busy for me.

Debbie Haines

I don't own a cell phone so this does not compute! My only other comment would be "EEEWWWWW!"

scott hodge

Hey man, give the guy a break! It was an important call... Oh wait!

John Darnell

I believe they are called boundaries. Try 'em.


This is just scary!

Jackaway (the un-intern)

thats actually where i have been making my ACD calls...

Kristine Holzwarth

The TV was on in a docotrs office the other day, the topic was etiquette regarding "Potty Talk". Studies have shown that more then 50% of cell phone users participate in such "Porcelain Treatment". Now, cell phone users can access a new service called "Bathroom Diaries" that will help users locate the nearest public restroom and are requested to complete a survey while using such accommodations. How about that for supply and demand?

Ben Arment

That's the most hideous looking bathroom in that photo I've ever seen... uck. =)

Robert Pooley

Makes sense to me... I mean you don't expect them to go in the office do you? ;-)

Bryan Riley

What is interesting to me is that although we are more "connected" than ever before, more are suffering from loneliness, disconnect, depression, etc.

Sherry Gossman

Dave, did you notice that your blog about 875 more people attending CCC generated no comments, but the bears and cell phone useage in the bathroom got over 20 comments combined so far. .


That's even scarier!!(-:


I'm guilty, but when someone walked in, I just hung up. Haven't done it since. Definitely do a lot of texting in the bathroom though! Gotta do something if you don't have reading material!

Have you ever seen those BudLight Man-Law commercials? This should be the latest MAN-LAW: NO TALKING ON CELL PHONES ON THE THRONE!

Tom Greever

Dave, I hate to call you out... but I've actually heard you do this before... :)

Dave Ferguson


Yes, I have talked on my cell phone while standing...but never sitting! (I don't know why that is better!?!)

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