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November 15, 2006



Dave, you are right on the money with these 10 steps you have mentioned. Since being here at CCC a little over 6 years, there is so much I have learned in being a Christ follower and these are the same steps I use not only in my CCC leadership but also in my day to day activities with the general public. Not only is this such an awesome time to be apart of CCC but it has been (and continues to be) an awesome adventure just getting her. Keep at it brother, there is so much more that needs to be done and I know that you as well as CCC can do it!

John Smulo


This is an excellent list. Thanks for sharing it.


Dave I have only been around for about 8 months now, but I am reaching for the top of that ladder. The sky is the limit. Thanks for this great chance to excel.

Matt Payne


What are the indicators for your dashboard--besides the obvious attendance and offering? We have been trying to figure out what other things we should be tracking. Thanks!!


Great thoughts man-so helpful!

Dave Ferguson


If you (or anyone else) shoots me an e-mail I will give them a sample of our dashboard. In addtion to attendance and giving we also track how many people are 1C, 2C and 3C. We also track the number of apprentice leaders, leaders or coaches and also how many baptisms. We track this for each CCC site and for the overall church. Here is a link to a post on the topic: http://daveferguson.typepad.com/daveferguson/2006/05/how_does_your_c.html

Sherry Gossman

Dave - you need to come here and speak on this - I am totally serious. I will take you to the same place I took your parents for dinner - Red Lobster! Sherry

Dave Ferguson

Sherry, You set it up...and I'll be there for lobster! Dave


If that is the only way to get Dave to visit, let me start fishing!!!

Sue Ferguson

Hey Sherry - can I come too? And DAVE, How did you have time for such a long post when you were supposed to be doing home improvements???? :-)


Glen Wagner

Hi Dave,
Good list. Which two of these are the hardest for us at CCC? What differentiates a "hi capacity" leader from the rest? Is the top of the pipeline always staff? Can a hi-capacity leader stay in the marketplace AND fill a "staff level role" without being in a F/T role? Does tentmaking play a role? I obviously have thoughts on these but would love to hear yours first!

Better stick to the home improvements first though ! :)

Jeff Pessina

Dave, Great list! The church must come to understand that investing in leaders, and in whatever contributes to a culture conducive to leadership development, must become a main thing. They say, "If you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves." I believe if we will take care to focus on and invest in raising up leaders, we will find that church growth will care for itself.

Jeff Pessina

Hmmmm... that posted by itself before I was done... oh well. Good stuff bro.

Dave Ferguson


Right on! That is why I tell our people that we need to develop more and better artists and more and better leaders.


Dave Ferguson


I think the hardest one's for us are #2 and #10. #2 is difficult because of the organizational disicpline it takes to track leadership development. Very important, we are doing it, but hard. #10 is innately difficult. There is a built in tension between allowing people into leadership quickly and still keeping the expectations high. I think we lean toward letting people into leadership quickly and sometimes people don't understand the expectations. If I had to select a bias I guess I like ours, but we need to live in that tension. That is hard.

I think a hi capacity leader is differeniated by gifting and by their own effort in developing thier gifting. Overall, the greater capacity the more potential influence a leader will have. That's my quick take.

The top of the pipelline should be the dream that God has for that leader. I don't think we make that clear. I think we often present the top of the pipeline as a staff position.

Yes, I would love to see a person fill a staff role while still in the marketplace. We have people who are serving as super coaches that are currently doing this.

Hope that helps. Thoughts?


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