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November 30, 2006



That's all great stuff and very true, but another huge piece of the "positive culture" is the incredible trust, flexibility, and empowerment exuded from the top down. We don't have fancy employee handbooks/guidelines, time sheets, vacation allotments, etc. We all work long and hard because we want to--not because we have to. If you need a "retreat day," you take it. If you need to work from home or bring your kids to the office after-school, that's totally cool. We are all about accomplishing the mission God has called us to, and we have a culture that allows incredible flexibility in how you do your job. I tell people all the time that after 3 years on staff, I can't believe that I have never heard "office gossip" or felt a negative vibe in the office. It truly is incredible and I LOVE being a part of this staff!


SO True are your word Kirsten, it is great supporting a staff who understands and gives you support in your efforts. Being a “staff contributor” I find it so easy to come in and take care of the IT stuff un-noticed and just watch how the staff functions. I love being able to contribute with such a team because the leadership's total faith in God and His mission for CCC. It's quite humbling experience.

I starting working over night because I believe in what CCC wants to accomplish. And to me in order to make that happen I need to make sure I am available for CCC during the day so that this mission happens. But I see that with my fellow contributors, their faith, their belief, their un-ending dedication is a great testimony to what God is doing not only through CCC, not only in the staff, but also in the contributors themselves.

Great leadership only happens when the leader believes in what they are leading in. Leaders like Eric Bramlett, Steve Brewer, Greg Eichelberger, Charissa Holland, Tony Germann, and Sue Natiello just to name a few. Contributors like Bernie Vollmann, Ron McCormick, and Mitch Meyers and so many others who dedicate a huge amount of their time and efforts in making sure that the needs are met there at CCC.

So the cause of our leadership culture is being a part of, taking a part of, and believing in the community…. Where ever that may lead us.

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