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December 21, 2006



The real issue at stake here is which makes for a better cheer?

"We're #7!!!"


"We're #13!!!" ????

Too funny...

Mitch Myers

There is a reason we are listed as #7 in this report. That reason is our staff!!! They embrace technology and understand how it can HPFTWBTG. It does not surprise me that others see this also. I am sure efforts our efforts with 3CMS as well as our IT systems continue to allow our church to innovate.

I remember many times when the IT team or the 3CMS team pushed our staff to adopt new technologies. There was push back but eventually staff did adopt it. I am glad they did because this adoption leads to a new foundation for innovation.

What do you get when you have a church that in the top fifteen churches in the US for BOTH INNOVATION and INFLUENTIAL, you get a church that can help a lot of other churches operate better, and that is excatly what 3CMS is going to do.

Blessed to be a part of this innovation,

Kristine Holzwarth

No coincidence that the average "Pastorprenneur" age of the four highlighted churches is 36 falling into the "Generation X" and "Neologism" and that such leaders are not afraid to apply new concepts regardless of those watching around them, offering a new spiritual climate and seeking to customize beleifs. In addition the average age of such "Pastorprenneur" falls right inline witht the Jewish acknowlegment that a man can not become a "Rabbi" until reaching his thirties (the last mortal age/years of Jesus). I agree with the comment that the "Internet has flatten the world" however, such audio/video tool can be an advantage for facing growing challenges and the birth of "MTV Generation" filled with "Twisters". What this boils down to is there is no one single way to do church. As I reviewed the four highlighted churches the basic/standard fundamentals of "Church" if you will came into mind, Celebrate, Connect, Contribute, not in any specific order but each very pronounced.

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