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March 18, 2007



I remember talking with Tony D. about this group about a year ago when we met for lunch at Portillos. We sat and prayed for that group of pastors and I remember thinking how awesome it would be for CCC to be a part of a group like that. Thank you for adding one more thing to your already overflowing plate to join these guys! I would love to hear more about what the group is dreaming about!

Dave Ferguson

Kirsten, one of the suprising things about this group is that they have yet to really find a purpose to put thier energy and influence behind. They believe that God is drawing them together relationally first.


Why all the secrecy? What is the purpose of the meetings and who are the new members? If it is glorifying to God, then there is no need to hide, right? A couple years is a long time to be meeting with no purpose. Seems to me, some of these churches may have differing theology. Would that be correct? Thanks for your response.

Dave Ferguson

Jackie - it's really become more of a support group than a task-oriented group. So, we aren't really hiding anything. We just get together and talk about our lives and ministry. However, I believe God is going to use this group in the right time to do something together of significance. Yes, these churches have some differences in theology.

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