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July 01, 2007


Beth Bartlett

It would be so great if you are the Colts this football season!!!!


Burn those things. If Caleb goes out for hockey and is a Dead Wing, I'm finding a new place to worship.

Brian Zehr

Boy do you look good!!!!

Tommy B

never looked better!

Pat A

I think you should have to wear this to each CCC campus if the Cubs finish higher than the Sox this year!!

Dave Ferguson

I have only one response Cub fans: 1908!

Kerry Cox

It's the Cards fans, whom you have abandoned, that you should be apologizing to!

caleb ferguson

delete this picture, Dad!!!!!!

p.s. this is my twin.


We are big Cubbies fans here in our house (my wife is from Chicago even though we live in Michigan).

Last week, my 8 year old son came into the house wearing a White Sox hat. I said, "what's up with the hat, traitor?"

His response?

"I'm a Chicago fan."


I saved the picture to my computer, and thought i could send it to you every once in a while to remind you how cool you could be.

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