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September 28, 2007



Thank you for these helpful suggestions! (I really like the "rules" with red and blue!)

As far as #4 goes - how would you suggest dealing with a person who has a wonderful heart and wants to help out with first impressions, but unknowingly comes off as creepy and a distraction? I've tried redirecting, but there doesn't seem to be any good place to put this person... I'd appreciate any suggestions! :)

Dave Ferguson

Andrea, Mark didn't really address this kind of person (that I remember), only the kind of person who wants to serve there to meet their needs and not the needs of others. He admitted that even those are tough conversations to have. Leave Mark a comment on his blog and see what he says. Here is Mark's blog: http://www.becausepeoplematter.com/marks_weblog/

Brian Anderson CCC

Glad to see you know and are connected with Mark Waltz, we worked together many years ago in the market place. He is a contagious motivator.

Jeff is awesome

I love that we're about new people. What a great way to not assume your teams "gets it" by posting these guidelines.

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