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September 28, 2007



I'm glad to see you have your priorities straight. The Office rules.

Pastor Rob

Great post and blog.

I just added Rob Wegner to my blogroll...

Just curious… I wonder if you ever have the same frustration as I do? As a pastor of a large church, I have close to 1,000 readers a day on my blog, but still have a very low authority on Technorati. I’ve learned that this is because I don’t have enough links to my site.

Why does this matter? Because I want to start reaching out to people beyond just the church, and to do that I need to get this blog up higher on the search engines.

I was wondering if you would be willing to put in a link exchange with me at www.robsingleton.net. If so, please send me an email to robtherev@gmail.com showing me where you’ve linked it and I will do the same.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Pastor Rob Singleton

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