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September 27, 2007


Jon Cannon

Thanks Dave for the post. #11 really spoke to my heart. It seems that the Lord really SHOUTED to me, "Stop letting the bozos grind you down!" The sad thing is that I dod not even recognize the bozos, but now I have a list. I actually wrote their names down and gave them over to the Lord. Thanks again.

PS. Sorry I missed you call yesterday! Shoot me an email, I'll be out of the office until Tuesday of next week.


Great, great ideas....The points Guy makes come from the standpoint of the leader. What if you turned it around and asked "What kind of leader allows innovation to flow from his followers?" Am I the kind of leader that allows, tolerates and spawns innovation or just stifles it.

#1 Make meaning becomes encouraging others to follow the path that gives them meaning and moves toward their innovative, creative self.
#2 Mantra's give shared purpose and values within which the followers can create.
#3 The curve...there may be more curves to explore than the one you innovate. What are your followers passionate about? Is God powerful enough to handle multiple curves within the church?
#4 Too many options to comment on. You figure this one out:)
#5 Crappy becomes being a patient and tolerant leader as you delegate innovation. No one will be as perfect an innovator as you but you let them make mistakes.
#6 Your leaders may upset you!
#7 I have trouble buying into the blossoms...if we want to lead others we still need to hold fast to a set of values and mission. Weeds are one thing that we need to put up with occasionally but if we're not good stewards of the soil and fertilize we'll be overrun by innovation that doesn't mesh with our values/mission.
#8 Vision cast, vision cast, vision cast
#9 Jesus already has all the uniqueness we need. It just may be unique that we follow Him.
#10 Have a teachable spirit to learn from other's presentations.
#11 As a leader, am I a bozo? Do I stifle the leaders below me to blossom in their passions, creativity and innovation. Even as a parent, do I use my role as authority to stifle innovation in my children?

Katrina Pelters

These guys (the folks at Granger) are awesome! Most of what I do/teach about First Impressions comes from them!! They really get it!

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