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September 09, 2007



I would definitely check craigslist.com for your area...

and then join:



anne jackson

Honda civics...the 00-02 range are selling for about that price and they keep their NADA value so well. Good luck! :)

Katrina Pelters

NOOOO that car is like an Icon at CCC! We should have a burial for it :) We'll serve food and shoot a video ;)



what about this one dave?

dylan higgins

The last car I bought was for our kids...a green '95 Pontiac Bonneville...bought it 2 years ago for $1500.00...still runs though I think it's gonna need a new starter, or tune up soon...
our Hyunda (spelling?) was a good deal..I bought that from a dealer off the lot, (w/cash down) for way under $10,000..they are good cars...run good, and I got the whole 10 /100,000 mile warranty on it, even though it was used....it's paid for though, and...
Anything that's paid for is a good car...
Actually our company just bought a brand new Dodge Caravan, and they are selling those pretty cheap for a new car...just over $16,000...they were just glad to get a customer into their place with a pulse...
(at Naperville Dodge on Jefferson and Ogden..they had a lot of used vans, and cars over there.. the old Kolller dodge)
Hope that helps...


Is there any chance we can create this incredible "burial" of your car to be used in a weekend service?

Or at the very least, load it with some fireworks so it blowed it up good. Blowed it up REAL good!

Debbie Haines

If you like red and sporty, I've been considering selling my VW Cabrio convertible for some time now. approx 30,000 miles on it ,,, 2001 ,,, automatic with air and auto windows and remote locks and cassette player. Manual convertible top. Good condition, new brakes 3 months ago ,,, only drove to and from work in Wisconsin which was minimal and the occasional trip from WI to IL prior to moving here which is why such low mileage. Blue book private sale value is listed at approx $9.0. Give me a call or email me if you want to test and talk!


Why don't you haul out the sledgehammers, charge people a buck a hit, and then use the money either to replace your car or to give to NEXT?

RIP Paseo. My '93 Villager is probably next in line.

You can call my mechanic. He sells used cars. If you're interested, email me and I'll give you his number.


I would gladly sell you my 2004 Honda Accord. It will last a long time. It's a 4 door and in great shape. I just want a different car. I want a used truck. You are going to have so many offers you won't know which one to take. I would even drive it to you.

Dave Ferguson

2004 Accord? If you are serious, I'm interested! E-mail me the details.

Jeannene Miller

If you come across a Honda that you are interested in, I know a real good Honda mechanic who wouldn't mind taking a look at the vehicle for you. Just shoot me an email.


I remember when you got that car. My girls were little and they thought it was cool their pastor had a "sports car." It was an improvement over the white honda anyway.

Christine Caridi

HEY, I have a 1991, red Mazda Miata with 91,300 miles. It has no mechanical problems that I am aware of except that it needs steering wheel fluid. The sound system has perks like a subwoofer but it stopped working. Could be a fuse. I need to sell. NADA puts the retail value at $2,775 to $4,450. It turns heads and is fun! Wanna make an offer?

Christine Caridi

PS. I think it needs steering wheel fluid because it sat for a long time. Gosh, maybe I should drive it around for a while and make sure it's OK. There's a lot of pressure around selling your used car to Dave Ferguson.


Buick is good, if you can not be too disheartened by the "Old Man" stereotype. I lost my 94 car not too long ago and I was really bummed out, but the Buick I got was a later model, better gas mileage and losing my old car was a blessing.

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