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September 04, 2007


jeff pessina

I suspect you find some people, uncultured in an open office environment who spell cool, c r a z y? Some who just can't handle being outside their bubble? Or who need plenty of time getting used to it? No doubt this is good for friendship and community, which amazingly has almost disappeared in American culture, and too often including church culture. Isn't it incredible what the automatic garage door has done to neighborliness?

dale schaeffer

I pastor a new church in Morton, IL and have shared an office with three other church staff members for the last two years. We have great relationships with each other, and there are some great serendipidous (that's a word right?)converstaions and ideas. At the same time, private phone calls, and appointments have been a challenge....also, message prep has to be done in another environment...I see lots of positives and a few negatives. We're just getting ready to move into our new offices next month and are finishing the design this week. We're planning group space with a private staff office for counseling and quite work....we'll see how it works.

Jeff Boriss

we also have way too many people in a way too small space and LOVE IT!


I'm going to be so confused when I come into the office tomorrow!

Kelly Corder

Our offices are similar to yours - although we have only 4 people in my small office and not 14-16. But I totally agree with you - I love working in such close quaters with others. It is distracting at times but the good far outways the bad!

Thanks for sharing!


So - to where did the comment wall move? And the candy dish?

Hey....I gots my priorities!!!


Our staff of 5 shares 3 offices and one general reception area. The Senior Pastor, as well as me, the Children's Pastor each have our own offices. The receptionist, of course has her office in reception and the other office is shared between our accounting secretary and our special events coordinator.

Works out to be a good system for us. I love being able to close my door to meet with someone, to pray or to really concentrate on whatever task is at hand. Oh yeah... and to hide any mess!

Doug Gamble

Ever since I first saw your offices I have been very intrigued by the idea. I share my office with two karate hamsters and my invisible friend named bob. Other than that I have to actually get up and walk down the hallway to talk to someone. Good when I want to concentrate...except for the fact that a closed door in our offices means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But open offices do look like a lot of fun.

Milan Ford

Great job CCC!

Amazing. I serve as the marketing director for Chick-fil-A restaurants here in Georgia and you take our open-door policy (which is quite unique) to a whole new level.


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