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October 21, 2007




I really loved this message. It was challenging to me personally. What you said was right on -- I don't think of myself as a greedy person, but I know that, when given the choice, I usually choose my own comfort over other people. And I love the challenge of selling something of value to benefit others. I'm definitely going to be thinking about this message for awhile. I wonder if these concepts are as true for us as a church as they are for individuals. For example, could we say something like this: "We don't think of ourselves as a greedy church, but given the choice, we usually put our own "needs" as a church over and above the needs of other churches." What if each campus gave-up something to benefit a another church in an under resourced place -- maybe Africa or the Philippines. I'm not necessarily saying we should do this. I guess I'm just wondering if what's true for us as individuals is true for us as a church family as well. I wrote about this idea a little more extensively on my blog last night. Any thoughts?

Dorothy Shuler

I was sent a link to this website from our pastor's wife about Nightline. I clicked around to see more about who you are and saw this about Ebay.. Yay! Totally brilliant idea! Benevolence can always use the help. I answer phones at our church and I agree. Every day someone is calling or coming in for some kind of need. People look to Churches for help. They ask for : A gas card so that they can get to work. A utility bill to turn the heat back on. Food to get them through the month.
Food stamps only cover food and do not cover hygiene supplies or toilet paper. Wow! Only God would come up with an idea so cool! Thank you for listening!


Hi Dave,
As soon as I heard the message, I started thinking about what I have that could be sold. I just bought a bike two summers ago and at first I was thinking I waited so long to buy it, I don't want to give it away, but the thought of people in hardship quickly replaced that thought and I was able to give it away in my heart and then it was easy to let go of it from my hands. I can't wait to see how this all turns out. I'm glad to be part of a bigger plan.


Do you guys podcast messages? I'd really like to hear this one. Can I find it online?


Just when I thought you guys were nuts!!
This awesome!!


I tried to sell a set of collector Disney Glasses, but they weren't worth enough. The store wouldn't take them. My stuff isn't worth much. I might do better with a garage sale than with Ebay.

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