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January 03, 2008


Ray Hughes

Hi Dave. Thanks for the post. I'm in Houston starting a second campus in a growing suburban area. The existing campus is in an area that was suburban 20 years ago, but is now changing. While we see these two campuses as fairly similar, I think our next campus will be in an inner-city, possibly Hispanic area. I have been doing lots of thinking about what that would communicate to a suburban culture that flees when the neighborhood changes. I'm attracted to the idea of poly-site because it says "we're going everywhere to reach everyone". I've been looking for a good descriptor of this movement, but failed to find one. Sounds like "polysite" is what I've been looking for. I'm wondering if you can post something about the timing of this movement. It seems many suburban church plants or multi-sites spend a least a decade focusing on the "like-us" people and then shift to "others". I suspect the leadership would like to transition faster, but I'm curious if there are any organizational dynamics that you've noticed that necessitate this maturation period...or maybe is it that at a point we just begin to realize that reaching only those like us is both boring and unbiblical.


Dave, not sure what you thought about the incredibly popular book Blue Like Jazz, but after reading your blog I think you and your readers would enjoy the new book: Brown Like Coffe. I found it at brownlikecoffee.com
I would love for you to read it and critique it for us.

Antwon Davis

Dave, God is really getting a lot accomplished through you guys, and your desire to be agents of change for Him is definitely making impact. I get fired up when I read about churches like Community Christian Church that are using their creative-juices in ways many have feared to step into. It is encouraging to know that there are leaders like you raising up Next Generation Leaders like us who are thirsty for more and hunger to see the Kingdom of God manifested in the earth. God has given you guys wisdom and insight and you're not afraid to take the risks, and that's just plain awesome!

You guys are helping stretch the arms of Christ in creative and daring ways and it is helping young cats like me to see that the vision that God has given me to be an agent of change in minority communities and churches isn't crazy at all... it's INSANE! (lol)

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