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January 02, 2008


Jeff Pessina

Dave, you actually dare to claim God's Spirit as your source? Hmmmm :) I sure hope the spiritual climate in America has not dropped to the level that by claiming "God's Spirit" as the source of your "prompting" of innovation that you would be viewed as "Hyper-Spiritual?" I'm kinda digging at why this apologetic preface is needed? If the Lord's Spirit is not leading us, then we're all in big trouble. Indeed, may the Lord give more unction to you and the rest of the Church to do as His Spirit leads.


I think a certain S. Fl. church that I'm representin' mighta made this list. If so, we are SO stoked, man! But to be on the panel? Someday...hopefully!

Dave Ferguson

Jeff, point well taken. The apology probably wasn't needed; I just knew the question was looking for an answer that dealt more with strategy and tactics and assumed that I got it from God. I felt like I needed to say that because it was true, but I backed into the answer because I assumed that the "God" answer was something that anyone would give. Make sense? Thanks! Dave

Dave Ferguson

Heather, Yep you guys are way up on the list!! Nicely done...congrats.

Antwon Davis

One thing I'm realizing is that one attribute that describes our Father is "Creator". He embodies creativity and innovation; I mean think about it... He DID spearhead existence and life. That's why I am so amped to hear of churches like those on this year's Outreach list that have taken the limits off of creativity and have allowed God to do the unimaginable work that He is doing in this day and time. We WERE made in His image, so to not use our creative juices would be a cop-out to our God-given potential. I just encourage you guys to stay on fire about the Father's business.

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