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May 28, 2008


Brad Gross

I'm on twitter also...


Dave Ferguson

Brad...I will find you on Twitter and follow.


Dave, I am twittering. I actually think it is a great leadership tool. It is a somewhat voyeuristic way to learn about how to have impact with all this STUFF going on in my life. It's encouraging to hear about you or Scott Hodge or Aaron Monts...going to this meeting, or relaxing with a cup of coffee, or at a baseball game. It is easy for people to get the impression that we are soooo busy that we don't have time for life or family or....But through twitter I see (and can show) that impact IS possible - even with all I have "on my plate"

Beth Bartlett

Hey Dave

Just started twittering!

Brad Gross

And find me you did! Good stuff!

Phillip Longmire

Hey Dave…

I just started twittering and getting more involved with the social networks. It really is crazy…

My wife and I just started running into people we know and follow on face book and started connecting with people from afar like yourself.

Through those connections I met more people and now have several lunch dates set up with church planters across the states…some you connected me with.

For a long time I just figured I did not have the time or it might even be a waist of time.

I am now starting to see what a mistake that was.

I am also learning that twittering can be integrated into the church service…people set up networks to twitter to while the service is going on and there is a live feed on the screen as the sermon is going on…drawing people in.

I myself am still learning the social network and twitter…trying to get all my mobile devices synched…

But so far it has been a great thing for us in networking and building relationships…

If anyone cares I am twittering at


and blogging at


look me up at face book and add me as a friend…or their is a link on my blog you can follow...

I would love to hear from anyone doing this stuff and continue to build my network…

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