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June 23, 2008



That's right - wait till next weekend - when you'll have matching brooms so you can have one in each hand!


is it wrong that I teared up when Ramirez hit the walk off homer on Friday night?



is it wrong that out of all the great posts you have, including today's "Christianity Sweeping China" - the only one that gets me to comment is the one on the Cubs?


That Cubs fan must have picked up that broom down in Tampa last week. Don't worry, what goes around comes around.

J. Dwyer

Don't think so Dennis; the Sox just brought it to the Cubs from Detroit the first 0-3 series sweep in the last two weeks. Dave will have to bring his Cubs gear out of the closet pretty soon


I thought last night a great opportunity to spread kindness by sweeping my neighbors driveway.

Did I mention he was a Sox fan?

Did I misinterpret this weeks message?

Pastor Andy

Don't worry about it...the Cubs will choke. After all, they're the Cubs....right? Just wait about 90 more games and we will hear that familar the familar annual sound of the words, "Oh well, there's always next year", coming from people in blue.


Could you somehow change the C from "Cubs" to "Christ and China" and match the broom to the more socially relevant story?

You have some crafty dingdongditchers in your circle, maybe one of them would have the talent to do so...


Just go back to their house and put a 2005 World Champions t-shirt on their porch, along with a television, Atari, calculator, cell phone, fax machine, transistor radio and maps of Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Oklahoma and New Mexico to remind them of just a microscopic part of the MANY things that have happened or been created since the Scrubs last were called "World Champions".

Eric Bramlett

I know who did it.


The Cubs fan heard you dropped some food on your White Sox "05" World Championship T-Shirt. So the broom is to clean it off. They don't have a championship shirt so they understand how valuable it is to you. If you notice it is just a Cubs sticker over a Diamondbacks logo. Oh those clever Cub fans.
Oh yeah the Diamondback fan wants it back in time for the playoffs again.

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