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August 13, 2008


john bishop


Great thoughts and great blog. Also I think you have the coolest hair of any pastor in Illinois.




No John he is just the coolest pastor in all of IL period. And thanks Dave for reminding me to get into the Word everyday!


The fact that you pray for the people of CCC to hear from God everyday has changed my life. It touched my heart when you said that and I knew I had to get more intentional with Him. So to hear from God I figured I had to actually listen. I am now intentional about spending time in the Word every day, but don't beat myself up if I have to miss a day.
You would not believe how often I hear from God, even if it is just a whisper that He loves me or is thinking about ME!
Being a part of CCC has radically transformed my life because it has helped me find my way back to God, and in turn help others find their way back to God. I will be baptizing a friend really soon, and it is because I decided to hear from God every day that things like that are possible. I can go on and on about how God is just blowing my mind, but I want to encourage people who are reading this that if you seek, you will find, if you knock, the door will be open.
Thanks Dave and CCC for helping me find my way back to God and hear from Him every day.

Jeff Pessina

In our leaders meeting today we discussed many important matters related to how people can and do grow in their faith and walk with God. An emotion that emerged among us again is amazement at how often we miss or ignore the obvious and the simple. Take small groups for example... it has always been the best way to grow the church and develop leaders. And Jesus clearly modeled it. How or why do we miss it? On teaching adults and discipleship. It is evident that listening passively to a message from a lecturer is not how adults actually learn, but rather through inductive/interactive participation in conversation, and the process of asking and answering questions. Again, modeled by Jesus, who spent a lot of interactive time with his close friends, asked people excellent questions, and whose LONGEST recorded lecture to a crowd (the sermon on the mount) was spoken in as little as 6 minutes! And now, reading the Word of God and reflecting/meditating on it is DISCOVERED as a powerful catalyst for growth? I wonder when we will ever get over ourselves and stick with the simple, effective things... like reading our Bibles, praying, and simple closeness to God and people.

Carter M

I just bought that book but haven't read it yet, now I'm even more motivated too! I've been sensing the same thing, that we need a renewed focus on that. Reading "Search & Rescue" by Neil Cole motivated me with the life-changing power of Scripture more than anything I've read in awhile.
I always struggle with how do I as a pastor motivate my people to read more Bible, without sounding so "predictable" and "trite" about it. Cause the problem is, that's what they expect to hear at church, right? "Just read your Bible more." Feels like I keep trying to find fresh ways to say it and show it. I think our Arrested Development series was exactly that, and I look forward to more.

Ed Bahler

I hear from God each morning while exercising on the elliptical. My heart rate is running at 145 or so assuring serious oxygen to the brain and an active and quick mind. I can get lost in the subject and it starts the day with a physical and a spiritual high. The pain of the exercise is less noticeable which is nice as well.

I rotate various books with scripture providing variety and breadth.

I appreciate your recent posts Dave. Great insight.

Ben Mordecai

It wasn't immediately obvious?

The Bible is absolutely essential.

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