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November 17, 2008


Jesse "fuser" Santoyo

Very cool.

Malcolm Tyree

Thanks for the way you and the team packaged the stories! I found it to be a great way to present the subject matter.

Keep up the good work.

Ryan Joy

Great post. This is stuff we need to be thinking though for sure.

Travis Long

Good stuff man...I really appreciate your blog.

Travis Long

good stuff man...i really appreciate your blog.

How does this apply to youth ministry? Do the same rules apply for teaching doctrine to youth?


I loved the series. And the WOW! moment of it all for me was the ending when, for the first time, I heard and realized that we have complete freedom to choose ,,, we can choose hell or we can choose Heaven ,,, but it is our own choice. WOW! I know my personal choice, but this also made me feel empowered and compelled to share that 'wow' with others.


The more series like that the better.. it really laid how why we believe what we believe and how we really can chosse this or not.. Many of us at CCC have little or no church backround or came from churches that under taught the Bible or over taught it.. so the more series to clarify His love for us the better

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