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November 10, 2008



Dave, What are the microenvironments? I'm assuming it could it be anything from a small group to a church. Affinity-related? Does Godin define it? Curious.

Gary Kendall

Good synthesis Dave. I love what you're doing. Between your blog and twitter I'm getting an education on Multi-site. We announced our Gardner campus Sunday.

Randy wood



I really like the part about money not being the point. It seems to me that any good movement, to remain a good movement, must passionately retain what it's really about. And this requires deliberate discussions to remind ourselves what it's NOT all about. I wonder how many movements never were, or died young because, though they started well, at some point had forgotten what they started fighting for.

I also doubt there have been any truly good and helpful movements that were primarily about money :)

Matt Payne

Have you thought much about how followers can connect with each other? A few NewThing pastors are on Twitter and that's cool but it seems like there could be other tools that we could leverage to make communication between the churches easier.


I too would be interested in the definition of a micro-movement. And, it would be great to see a post that highlights several example movements that serve as a bit of our inspiration. What movements do we look to where such factors (as Seth suggests) are present/evident? Which movements would be suggested as our heroes?

Michael Trent

I'd like to publically thank Seth for giving me the freedom to be a heretic in his Tribes book.

Dave - you rocked the house at WFX - and give insane props and Clams to your creative team for Reconsilesec -


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