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January 18, 2009


Scott Couchenour

Dave - you could't have said it better. This whole experience has given me a glimpse of just how BIG God really is. I am amazed at the incredible stuff the 365'rs are posting on the Wall of the group too. It's a real encouragement. Can't wait to see what God does next. God bless!

Anthony Fisher

Man, I love the humility and transparency in this post! Its amazing what God can do through a simple act of obedience or just wanting to be kind to someone. We often give the credit to the "big guy in charge" but that is more time than none the Lead Pastor and not God. Its awesome tho! Love this post!!!! Thanks for your words Dave!

Steve C.

And BTW, if you ask anyone who is now more aware of doing acts of kindness, whether it's a kinder word or an act of courtesy I might have been too preoccupied (with my own thoughts) to do, you might find out that just one extra act of kindness a day is like the 10% tithe - it's become just the starting point. I find myself intuitively looking for the path to more kindness and gentleness and less judgment, criticism,
me-ness. One act of kindness has turn into three and five and now the counting has stopped. It's been a perspective change, just knowing how easy it is to make a diff.

Michelle Thomas

Bingo! You hit the nail on the head Dave....



You have created an atmosphere where things like this happen.
This is something that more pastors should notice.

Scott Couchenour

Steve C - that would be great to let the other 365'rs know on the CLUB page. It's so well stated.


I read this blog entry just in time to perform a act of klndness on a co-worker who is doing everything possible not to do what we need.. I was forced to remember how I am suppposed to act as opposed to how I wanted to act!!


Dave, why do you think that is? I mean, how and when does God grow a simple act of kindness into a large movement and is it our business to try to figure out, or even predict those times, and then, only act when we think a larger movement is under way? What risk do we run when we over-analyze and what risk do we run from not acting? Do we too often only strive to accomplish the large and forget about the small. I had no idea when I began reading your short post would make me look so deeply within myself.

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