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April 15, 2009



Did she mention what to do to if burnout has taken hold?

Dave Ferguson

Her two suggestions were: 1. Talk to others...don't keep it in. 2. Create an environment that allows people to talk about where they are struggling.

anne jackson

Thank you guys again so much for having me! You all have a super special thing going on up there!


I think I am a type B personality and I had wondered what was going on because I knew I was NOT a type A so reading the difference explains a lot. Some of this stess has been relieved because I am working at learning that it ok to say no. But given the American way of life and the way we seem to need to run our professional lives it is a constant battle

Steve Kiefer

Great practical insight Dave! Thank you


Thanks for having Anne come to CCC! Thank you for the opportunity to meet her! I got some awesome encouragement from her here: http://bit.ly/1aBGeN

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