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August 07, 2009


Rahab Klingensmith

I must say out of all the excellences in presentations while attending the Leadership Summit I did find Mr. David Gergen one the most powerful. And, the reason being this...he offered graciously and with a mild manner of explanation to Sir' Hybles-the Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Church this....Bill, he says..When an individual IS trying amidst their huge fallennesses and failures..it is our duty to offer kindness and compassion~that within their personal consciousnesses of weakness perhaps--just the coming to a conclusion or identifying the facts--these people ARE TRYING amidst their own falleness. WE are to be accountable toward one another he suggests with compassion although offering togetherness....meaning allow for change....allow for transforming....allow for spiritual growth or you have nothing. So often we listen to these leaders in desperate need of attendances within a church setting to make them feel good, but, until we get to this place of not torturing fellow brothers/sisters with embarassments , rather than blessings. If we all were cloned...and lived this falicy life of (in their own eyes some) believing thier behavior of judgement, rather than honest concern and love....good grief. It is one thing to be a leader with thriving instilled convictions--but biblical, if they fail through not being able to find one good thing of another indivdual. They've gracely lost their own intergrity-let alone be looked poor as disciple liked behavior...I was thrilled to hear David Gergen bring forth the most important issue of failed men....if they are trying....bi-golly give them room to breathe and change...An Eyewitness to Power is only the small portion of how intelligent his offerings--but, a wide window in too seeing things correctly! Great Man--just loved him~Rahab

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