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October 01, 2009


Adam Lehman


Great stuff. It'd be interesting to hear how you think we ought to translate these principles to America.

I think that sometimes, because we have free reign to make whatever we want, we produce crappy churches and - if they grow a bit - we call it all good.


Praying in the public square seems more like a show, perhaps I haven't seen it done well or am imagining the wrong type of attitude. 80% is hard to argue. The apostles healed in the public square. Hmmm...

Dave Ferguson

How do we translate it? 1. We need to give permission to lay leaders to use their missional imagination and then do everything possible to help make those dreams come true. 2. We should try the public healing prayer. Kristin, the way they described it, it did not sound "like a show". It sounded very low key, casual and service oriented.


Praise God that he heals! Seeking God and coming to saving faith is awe inspiring to me. I would be so bold as to say >80% of the people that walk through the doors at CCC are healed in this way.

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