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November 15, 2009


D. Richa

Love it. Can't wait to hear more!

Sara Bills-Thwing

Well, Dave, I can tell we at Community are going to be VERY busy when you get back! Love that you are able to learn so much from other churches - and I know they learn a lot from you, too. AND, I love that we are able to follow you down the path that God has chosen for His people. Being His hands and feet in His Kingdom on earth is the ultimate career!

Kristin Ruther

It must be fun to see all the creativity of people in different regions reaching people with message of the gospel. Keep spreading the message and enlightening us on how to make an impact. Thanks!!

Kim Miller

Hi there Dave,
good to see the good times continue for you here in Oz. I hope somebody has picked up the project to teach you how to say, "G'Day, Mate" properly. :-)

Those concerts that we do here at Life Church are more than just local people. Our regular performers are -
Renee Geyer, Australia's greatest woman blues singer,
James Morrison, Australia's top jazz trumpeter,
Vince Jones, the 'grand uncle' of Australian jazz,
Bodacious Cowboys, a Steely Dan tribute band made up of the cream of Oz musicians.

I love helping serve meals at the concerts. Not only for the wonderful music, but it puts me in touch with people who are always asking, "How does a church manage to get Renee Geyer to perform at their place?" I just tell them that God does good stuff.

Those people pay top money for their meals. Two days later I'm helping handing out free lunch to the homeless and hungry. All from the same kitchen.

Enjoy Oz!!
Kim Miller


What a great example of breaking down the "walls" that can often separate churches from their communities. Missional indeed.

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