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November 25, 2009



Seems no more controversial than to the extent that the Gospel itself is highly controversial.

Dave Ferguson

I would agree, Nicole.

Brenda Farley

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Matt @ The Church of No People

Awesome article. Thanks for spreading the word! Also pretty cool that it's in Esquire.

Mike McGarrity

Great prayer advice from Shane Clairborne: "If those of us who believe in God do not believe God's grace is big enough to save the whole world... well, we should at least pray that it is." Though perhaps we should pray that we could learn to believe it is...


Andy of Chicago

While an interesting article or letter, Shane seemed to leave out Jesus' main mission which was/is to seek and save that which is lost. The apostle Paul tells us that we, if we are Christians, are to be ministers of the Gospel which is the saving Grace offered to us through Jesus Christ. I'm afraid that many Christians have fallen in love with the world by seeking it's approval. There multiple types of Christianity that are appearing on the scene with the latest incarnation being Emergence Christianity. I like some of the aspects of it but I feel it's all about the World when the Apostle John said not to love the world or anything in it. The scary part of the verse says, "If any one loves the world, love for the Father is not in him." What a terrifying thought.. So many of the parables are about the after-life. It is true, the only thing we can do on this side of heaven is evangelize and reach out to the the lost, hurting, oppressed, down-trodden, but let us not forget the rich and those who think they have no need of a savior...

Rick G.

Hmmm... I think anyone who knows anything about Shane Claiborne would likely realize that he's probably the last person in world concerned with getting any human's approval. I don't get the "controversy." I think some people don't like the idea that the biggest obstacle to people coming to Christ is Christians themselves. Though any church-goer with half an ounce of self-awareness should have already realized this. Shane's article isn't a full outline of his theology. It is an evangelical message at its core. While he's undoubtedly speaking to two audiences: Those with stumbling blocks in their way--and the stumbling blocks themselves, the text amounts to a plea to those who have given up on Christ to seek Him and not get distracted by all of us who mess up his mission & message from time to time(and indeed the letter/article contains a salutation line to the non-believer!) Far from missing the point, I think he's nailed it dead-on! Snane's ministry (The Simple Life) is the closest thing to an Acts 2 church that I'm aware of--a model of church from which the rest of us often stray too far afield. Thanks Shane & Thanks Dave for posting this!

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