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February 18, 2010



A Hearty "Amen" from someone who has been working on Missions in the Cloud Forest region of Ecuador and experiencing these truths.


Another hearty 'Amen and Amen' from disciple-maker who has seen or experienced all of the above.


Thanks so much Dave for blogging these notes. Its just another reminder from God, tugging at my heart strings. I have a million books on my to read list, and Neil Cole keeps coming up. For now, I love your bullet points.

What I find sad is that so little number of Christians believe that they have the DNA of a movement within them. Very few Christians take any ownership to the church, they maintain more of a consumerist view where they show up and get their dose of Jesus. It is what I see happening in America with most people. Jesus is just another thing you have to get.

I really want to see that change. I want to see more disciples in development. I want to see more people picking up behind themselves and parking legally at church instead of cutting people off and parking illegally so they can leave their coffee cups on the gym floor now they have had their dose of Jesus.

I know the Church is on the edge of something big, I feel it.

I am excited, and I believe that you don't have to be on a church staff to do this. Everyone who believes in Jesus can make a huge impact on the Kingdom.

I really pray that all attenders at COMMUNITY can take ownership in working for the Jesus mission.

Darien Gabriel

Great post, Dave. I really appreciate your leadership and your passion for doing church like we see in Scripture. You inspire and encourage me regularly (and many others, no doubt). Thanks for using your gifts to build the Church. You guys rock!

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